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My Journey

Geometricalanalysis - Stock Market, Geometry, Chart Study

                            I understood that the quest of knowledge will not be over and will never be over in typical stamping of educational degrees. The real knowledge will be found in the deep diving and exploration of the particular topic. To understand the intricacies of any topic you need a father figure behind you, and the role in my case was played by a non other then the legend in Gann study Dr. C.K. Narayan. Once the vaccination is done through proper hands there is no fear of failure. You need someone to tell you that your path is right and your destiny will be your destination for sure. I worked so many years on more than fifty software's to learn and teach technical analysis or chart study, but I was always worried about the step brotherly treatment given to abscissa i.e. X axis, and finally found the goal and mystery to be solved. since beginning i was aware of the difficulties in that path and probability of journey to nowhere but somebody has to dare, either me or someone else, and why not me when we have experience, guidance and most important will to succeed.

You need to start anandblank and unlearn the things you learned, sooner or later you will see the bright light of knowledge solving your quest of queries. Initial days were worst nightmares because there were no clues no books no guidance but luckily found the hand in the name of my friend sandy and the project started crawling up. we started plotting graphs on actual graph papers, hundreds were drawn later on we took help of CAD ( computer aided design) to plot the graphs lakhs were drawn and deleted, mind my words. But nowhere in future we seem to solve the issue of scaling, but as we say the only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work and one fine bright sunny day Eureka Eureka happened. Mitotic scaling appeared on the horizon. Most of the technical analysis is done now a days with the help of softwaranand1e's on computers. Chart or Graph viewing is customized or projected to the user to please his viewing angle and comfort. But while doing so we are completely forgetting, ignoring the basic graph characteristics. If the scaling of the graph is not proper we won't be able to use geometrical overlays to determine the future price and time balancing points as well as geometrical pressure points. Mitotic scaling is the answer to this. This scaling is a bridge joining charts with the geometrical overlays completely solving the issue and creating platform for analysing the chart through geometrical perspective.

Anand Kene