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Innovative way of Chart Scaling to use geometry for study of Stock charts.

         Geometrical Analysis is the method of analyzing scrip movements with the perspective of fundamental natural branch of mathematics i.e. Geometry, as Michael Faraday says 'nothing is too wonderful to be true , if it be consistent with the laws of nature.'  Technical analysis is considered as statistical analysis by most of analysts thus totally ignoring the geometrical aspect of graph, which in fact rules or super seeds the statistical analysis. W.D.Gann used to apply geometrical overlays on a graph to get accurate timings and price levels. Linear or logarithmic graphs are of no use in  perspective of Geometry, hence we use our innovative Mitotic  scaled graph to finally solve the hidden mystery. Results speak louder than words that one can experience after understanding the concept which will open whole new world of analytical trading, thus will prove the proverb,

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions ".

- Anand Kene (M.Com, C.M.A, C.F.P)